The movie I said I wouldn’t watch again, but I did! Bone Tomahawk!

MOTD Bone 78

The boy did this to me. I asked him, silly me, what movie we should do next on the podcast, while recording another podcast and he said, “Bone Tomahawk!” Evil boy! That scene, man, still powerful, still gut-wrenching but at least this time I wasn’t plagued by after-images. But man… strong imagery.

Well, you know the drill by now.

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Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Kyle and I will be at the 2020 Texas Frightmare weekend, the first weekend in May. I will be on an author panel answering some questions and wandering around this amazing event and working at my publisher’s booth: Black Rose Writing!

The link for Texas Frightmare is here: Texas Frightmare!

You should really check it out. The guest list is A-mazing!

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