Goodreads Giveaway update, Halloween deal, Doll House sequel, My Self-Publishing Experiment, and tidying up, getting back on schedule…

See that little number there? How many people requesting? Just one shy of 500!? Ok, I’m blown away, and so grateful that so many people are interested in reading the chaotic words spilling from my brain. So, thank you!

Because of that interest, and my gratitude, I am offering a Halloween deal for Murder Run, the ebook! On that most sacred of thriller and horror lover days, my book will be available for $0.99! Yup.

So, if you happen to be one of those people who don’t win the giveaway, you can nab a copy at a discounted price. Happy Halloween!

Now, on to YouTube. I am almost finished with the project. After this week, I’ll add up all I spent, and calculate the results, and that should be the end of it… until my next book, the sequel to Doll House!

Here is the latest episode of MSPE:

After this, I’ll be getting back to my regular schedule. Working on the MOVIES OF THE DAMNED podcast, and the Doll House sequel. I am excited about this one. I’ve been canoodling over this one for some time now, and it’s percolated to perfection.

Thanks everyone. Really, this unknown author chasing a dream couldn’t be more happy or grateful for your continued support.

Have a great week. Be kind to everyone. Including yourself.

The Babysitter. Comedy? Yup. Horror? Check. A good time? You bet!


This was a fun movie! Lots of laughs and lots of cringe-worthy gore! It’s like they made a movie just for me! Ok, ok, I need to settle down. It was fun, though. I would watch it again, for sure.

Listen in and find out why:

Podcast:  Movies of the Damned!!

and here:

Movies of the Damned!! YouTube

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Movies of the Damned T-shirt shop!

These shirts are not just podcast-related… no, no. That’d be too easy. They are horror-themed shirts, fun ones, that I know any horror fan would enjoy. There is also a shirt with my logo on it, but, really, I designed that one for me… haha!

Click the link. Have a look-see.  There’s one of them below… we are going for a low-key, you’ll-get-it-if-you-know-horror-vibe.  Let me know what you think!


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Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!

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Did you have a good Halloween? Mine was pretty, gott-damn exceptional! Oh, and our podcast for this week is, the eerie, the visually beautiful, but lacking in storyline substance… Hagazussa!!!


Kyle and I both liked The VVitch, and because of that, this one was recommended to us. This movie has beautiful visuals, haunting music, and great acting. The story though? The story lacked consistency, and many sequences did not have a coherent narrative. So, it was meh.

Listen in here:

Podcast:  Movies of the Damned!!

And YouTube it here:

Movies of the Damned!! YouTube

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My short story anthology, 4 Shots of Horror was released, and Off The Grid! 

Both on Halloween! And the reviews and reception to my work has been awesome-sauce.

Visit my Amazon Author Page for my other best-selling books, Doll House, The Tracker, and my apocalyptic novella, Balance.

Oh, and I created a logo.

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What do you think? I am open to suggestions.


Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!


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