You’re Next! The movie… not you personally… seriously, just the movie.

Have you ever wondered, man, I wish they’d do a home invasion movie, horror style, that doesn’t suck? Yeah, me too. And guess what? There’s hope. You’re Next is just such a movie. Fun, suspenseful, gory kills, it has everything a horror fan could ask for! So, go watch it!

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You’re Next podcast discussion.

And speaking of horror… have you read my latest book yet? The reviews are flying in! 10 ratings, 4.50 star… what are you waiting for? An invitation? Here you go:

Let’s do this together, shall we?

Tomorrow will be episode one of my Self-Publishing journey, and I cover a lot of material in it. In a concise manner… I hope.

Any-hoo, I have to say, although it has been a lot of work so far, it has been rewarding, you know? A lot of swearing and shaking my fists at the computer monitor too, but when I figure it out and it’s ready to go, I’m happy about it.

All of this, this writing, podcasting, and YouTube’ing thing is my hobby. I don’t depend on it for an income, so there is a lot of freedom in that. There isn’t the fear of ruinous failure because I may fail, but it won’t ruin me. I’ll still pay my mortgage and my bills. I’m lucky enough to know I’ll always be okay. Still, I like to do well.

In the horror writing world, I’m the little guy. Stephen King, Josh Malerman, Graham Masterton, Anne Rice, and the list goes on, and on, but those guys, those names? They are the big guys. And they’ve earned it and continue to earn it and I for one will always buy their books. But the little guys? They need some love too. And I search for them and read them and review them and plug them as best I can when I think they deserve it.

So if you’ve read my book, or books, and have enjoyed them, I hope you tell other people about them. That’s all it takes. A suggestion from a friend, a review on Goodreads or Amazon, in time, those small gestures go a long way.

Do something for the little guy… tell someone about them. And when I mean them, I also mean me… lol.

On EPISODE ONE, I do the following:

  1. Reveal my newest book!
  2. Show the process of my site upgrade.
  3. Cover the costs so far and…
  4. Reveal the review requests letter I sent out to reviewers.

Hope you join me.

As for now, enjoy the introduction to this experiment.

The Hunt? Another Blumhouse film? Yes, please!!

MOTD Hunt 86

This is a movie that made a brief appearance in the theatres before the pandemic and I think that is a shame because it was a good movie. Not a great movie, but a very entertaining one with clever use of misdirection.

Watch it.

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