Who are you reading, that, in your opinion, is a relatively unknown horror author? I’m looking for something new to read… and, on a side, self-promotional note… Murder Run reviews are coming in hot!

I love, like love 80’s horror. To be compared to that most glorious era of horror, is well, glorious!!

The reviews can be read on Goodreads, and in December, a review of Murder Run will be featured on http://gumshoereview.com/ so be sure to check that out.

But really, I am in need of new reading material. So if you know of any obscure, but compelling, horror writer’s let me know. I’ll read them, and if I like them, I’ll review them.

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Over 400 people have entered the Goodreads Giveaway, Podcast talk about indie film By Night’s End, and Murder Run for Halloween… as a gift, to yourself, because you’re worth it…

Look at that! I am blown away by the support. Indie authors need the love, ya know?

Podcasting this week about Indie film By Night’s End…

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And yeah, isn’t it about time we adults bought ourselves Halloween gifts? Us horror lovers? Yes, I think it is. I’m going to get myself something F13 related… or maybe a book from another Indie author… Adam Neville is a good one. If you’re looking for a deal, might I suggest my book?

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Never underestimate the power of FREE, podcast may have to go bi-weekly, and a 3 mile a day from Monday to Friday challenge…

I started the Goodreads Giveaway on October the 8th, 2020. Since then, Murder Run’s to-read category jumped from 16 to 293! Holy cow! All I can say is… thanks!

Movies of the Damned!! may have to go to a bi-weekly upload. My work schedule (my real-life paying job) has changed and as such, it has been challenging to keep to the weekly schedule. Especially with the new book release and new YouTube channel (see below). We’ll see how it goes…

And because I feel like it, I’m going to run 3 miles a day for five days straight. I normally break up my cardio. I’ll ride my bike back and forth to work and when I have a day off work, I’ll go for a run. I’m just going to run this week. It is one of my favourite things to do and I’ll show all the readings from my Apple Watch, because, why not? I wonder how many total calories it will say I burned? I do weights too, but it separates that activity so I’ll be able to see what I burned just from the running. Not that the Apple Watch is accurate, but it is consistently inaccurate which allows a better-than-nothing guess, I suppose.

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