Hereditary! Toni Collette, as always, kills it! Oh yeah, some Ancient Rome edification.


Normally, the movies we talk about on the podcast are films that I had seen before. Not this one. This was the first time seeing this beauty. And all I can say is… wow!

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Ancient Rome

This interesting little fact is something I read over and over in different books, fiction, and non-fiction.

Romans ate their meals lying down. I know you’ve seen in those movies set in the past where people were lounging while slaves fed them grapes around a pool filled with floating flower petals. Now that did happen, so I wouldn’t say it was historically inaccurate but I will say it wasn’t a common occurrence. The lying down part was common. Lying down on your side and eating food was how they ate back then.

I couldn’t imagine leaning on an elbow and shoveling food in my mouth. Wouldn’t your arm fall asleep? Makes my neck hurt thinking about it.

This habit was so ingrained that Cato, a senator protesting some decision or inaction in the Senate, decided that he would eat all his meals seated on a chair and at a table. That was his protest! Love this stuff.

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