Out of the Basement Part 1

The day Tim’s world ended didn’t start off differently from any other day. He woke to his alarm, scrambled into the shower before his younger brothers could, drank some milk and inhaled a pop tart on his way out the door to school. He didn’t even see his parents. They were always long gone before he got up and he was amazed how his lunch was always ready for him. He did have a quick glimpse of his brothers as they fought over the toaster and Tim gave the younger one, Sean, a quick yank on his underwear as he passed by. Before he he left his house, he heard a “Damnit, Tim! You jackass!” His teeth flashed, oldest brother work completed, and walked to school, his unlaced shoes scuffing the sidewalk as he moseyed along. It was the last time he’d see his brothers alive. Continue reading “Out of the Basement Part 1”

Balance Part 1

“We’re going to have to run okay?  I’ll carry you, but you’ve got to promise you won’t look.  No matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, you have to keep your eyes shut extra tight and you can’t open them ’til I say.  Understand?”

“Yeth,” she said.

Screams sounded outside the door they hid behind.  A powerful humming vibrated the door and the walls.  He didn’t want to leave this uninhabited home, a quiet refuge amid chaos.

“Mithter?  Are we gonna die?  Like mommy and daddy?  I don’t want to die like them.”  Her eyes swam with fear and her diminutive body trembled as she tried to be brave.

Heart aching, he forced a smile, a lunatic smile, all twitchy and shaky, “You can call me Jack, remember?” Continue reading “Balance Part 1”