You’re Next! The movie… not you personally… seriously, just the movie.

Have you ever wondered, man, I wish they’d do a home invasion movie, horror style, that doesn’t suck? Yeah, me too. And guess what? There’s hope. You’re Next is just such a movie. Fun, suspenseful, gory kills, it has everything a horror fan could ask for! So, go watch it!

Listen here:

You’re Next podcast discussion.

And speaking of horror… have you read my latest book yet? The reviews are flying in! 10 ratings, 4.50 star… what are you waiting for? An invitation? Here you go:

Who are you reading, that, in your opinion, is a relatively unknown horror author? I’m looking for something new to read… and, on a side, self-promotional note… Murder Run reviews are coming in hot!

I love, like love 80’s horror. To be compared to that most glorious era of horror, is well, glorious!!

The reviews can be read on Goodreads, and in December, a review of Murder Run will be featured on so be sure to check that out.

But really, I am in need of new reading material. So if you know of any obscure, but compelling, horror writer’s let me know. I’ll read them, and if I like them, I’ll review them.

Pick up Murder Run for yourself here:

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Goodreads winners enjoy Murder Run! For all those that entered… thanks! I am so humbled by the interest! So, for today only, Murder Run is available for $0.99! Happy Halloween!

Get it here:

Goodreads Giveaway update, Halloween deal, Doll House sequel, My Self-Publishing Experiment, and tidying up, getting back on schedule…

See that little number there? How many people requesting? Just one shy of 500!? Ok, I’m blown away, and so grateful that so many people are interested in reading the chaotic words spilling from my brain. So, thank you!

Because of that interest, and my gratitude, I am offering a Halloween deal for Murder Run, the ebook! On that most sacred of thriller and horror lover days, my book will be available for $0.99! Yup.

So, if you happen to be one of those people who don’t win the giveaway, you can nab a copy at a discounted price. Happy Halloween!

Now, on to YouTube. I am almost finished with the project. After this week, I’ll add up all I spent, and calculate the results, and that should be the end of it… until my next book, the sequel to Doll House!

Here is the latest episode of MSPE:

After this, I’ll be getting back to my regular schedule. Working on the MOVIES OF THE DAMNED podcast, and the Doll House sequel. I am excited about this one. I’ve been canoodling over this one for some time now, and it’s percolated to perfection.

Thanks everyone. Really, this unknown author chasing a dream couldn’t be more happy or grateful for your continued support.

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Another 5 stars for Murder Run, still a few days left to enter the Goodreads Giveaway, last episode of MPSE is up, and listen to the last episode of Movies of the Damned here…

NetGalley can do so much for an author. Murder Run just received its third review and it was a 5 star! The reviewer post her review on Goodreads, a site called Litsy, and another site called Librarything. Her review will reach into two more audience pools that, frankly, I wasn’t even aware of. Either way, Murder Run is shaping up to be the Halloween Read of 2020! Maybe…

And maybe you should enter the Giveaway? Doesn’t cost a thing…

My Self-Publishing Experiment, Episode 6, is live… you can watch it here:

And, if you’re so inclined, you can listen to our last podcast here:

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Off the Grid hit #1! Next video is up! Let’s keep this ball rolling!

And this week on MSPE, I discuss this beautiful thing up top, NetGalley results, and Amazon Ads…

Watch it now:

And, while you’re at it, why not invest in your next Halloween Read?

In the meantime, have a great week, and be kind to everyone.

Watch as a published author tries the self-publishing route… it’s free. So, if you’re curious… what have you got to lose? Nothing, that’s what. Start from the beginning below. Also, Off the Grid will be on BookBub tomorrow. Have you signed up yet? It’s also free.

And here is the book I’m self-publishing…

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Over 400 people have entered the Goodreads Giveaway, Podcast talk about indie film By Night’s End, and Murder Run for Halloween… as a gift, to yourself, because you’re worth it…

Look at that! I am blown away by the support. Indie authors need the love, ya know?

Podcasting this week about Indie film By Night’s End…

Listen to the podcast here:

The YouTube’s is being a pain and refusing to cooperate, but the podcast video will be up later today…

And the latest episode of MPSE is up! Watch it here:

And yeah, isn’t it about time we adults bought ourselves Halloween gifts? Us horror lovers? Yes, I think it is. I’m going to get myself something F13 related… or maybe a book from another Indie author… Adam Neville is a good one. If you’re looking for a deal, might I suggest my book?

Thanks everyone! Have a great week. Be kind to everyone. Especially yourself.

MPSE Episode 5… Goodreads results! Amazon Ads results, how many books I’ve sold so far and more…

Catch up with last week’s episode…

Have you entered the giveaway? No? Well, conveniently I have a link…

And if you feel like buying my book and supporting us indie authors, please feel free to do so…

And Never Hike in the Snow… a short, but powerful sequel. I liked it a lot and I’ll write about it soon. I’ll have to watch it a couple of more times.

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Never Hike in the Snow… premiere’s tonight on YouTube and yeah, you know I’m watching it. On a side note… 338 people have added Murder Run to their ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads. Have you entered the giveaway? Who doesn’t like a chance to win a free book?

You all might know by now that I am a huge Friday the 13th movie fan. And when I saw Never Hike in the Snow, a fan film, I was blown away. To say I loved it, well, that’s an understatement. And the sequel to that awesomeness is premiering tonight. I can’t wait. Check out the trailer here:

Now, on to Murder Run. That Goodreads giveaway, man, it is paying dividends. Will all those added ‘to read’ books translate into sales. No. BUT, it does get people talking and talking is good. Real good for an indie, relatively unknown writer. So, hop on the support train and enter the Goodreads giveaway why don’t ya?

Or buy it here… whichever, you do your best you!

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Never underestimate the power of FREE, podcast may have to go bi-weekly, and a 3 mile a day from Monday to Friday challenge…

I started the Goodreads Giveaway on October the 8th, 2020. Since then, Murder Run’s to-read category jumped from 16 to 293! Holy cow! All I can say is… thanks!

Movies of the Damned!! may have to go to a bi-weekly upload. My work schedule (my real-life paying job) has changed and as such, it has been challenging to keep to the weekly schedule. Especially with the new book release and new YouTube channel (see below). We’ll see how it goes…

And because I feel like it, I’m going to run 3 miles a day for five days straight. I normally break up my cardio. I’ll ride my bike back and forth to work and when I have a day off work, I’ll go for a run. I’m just going to run this week. It is one of my favourite things to do and I’ll show all the readings from my Apple Watch, because, why not? I wonder how many total calories it will say I burned? I do weights too, but it separates that activity so I’ll be able to see what I burned just from the running. Not that the Apple Watch is accurate, but it is consistently inaccurate which allows a better-than-nothing guess, I suppose.

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Goodreads Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a copy of Murder Run! And MPSE Episode 4 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Murder Run by John                  Hunt

Murder Run

by John Hunt

Giveaway ends October 30, 2020.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Don’t miss your chance to enter this giveaway… the ‘to read’ list has jumped to 174 people and is still growing! Yesterday, it was 16…

Sorry fellow Canadians. The contest is only available in the U.S. I will have a different giveaway for you all, eh?

And below, the latest episode of My Self-Publishing Experiment. Enjoy, and have a great day!

Another review for Murder Run (below), Episode 4 of MSPE released tomorrow, link for Episode 3 below, you know, if you wanna catch up!

Read this fun review from Lisa of Goodreads who got my book from… guess where… NetGalley!

My thanks to Dexter Publishing, John Hunt and Netgalley.
This dang book was exactly what I’ve come to expect from this author. It’s starts off as one thing, then gets booted arse over shoulders. I love that!
Kyle “the murderer” is almost someone to feel sorry for. Almost. He has no impulse control. I quickly wanted him to die! But, along comes a very messed up twist. “Hunt style!” I can’t say anything about that, because then I’d ruin all the messiness!
I believe Mr. Hunt is slightly mad. Mad, I tell you! Mad! I personally wouldn’t have it any other way!
Lisa – Goodreads 4/5 stars!

I love it!

And since Episode 4 is airing tomorrow evening, here is Episode 3!

Thanks for the support everyone! You’ve been an awesome part of the team!

Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!

The Babysitter: Killer Queen. A sequel to the fun horror-comedy. The question is: did it surpass the original?

You know the drill. Listen in and find out.


And listen in here:

Have a great week. Be kind to everyone!

I didn’t plan it this way, but it’s working out so… cool! Murder Run on the most requested to review list for Horror on NetGalley… awwww yeah!

On the bottom there, you can kind of see the top of my book.

There it is! My book seems to be off to a great start. And I have to say, it’s all thanks to you. For liking, sharing, supporting, and of course reading.

Episode 3 is up on my channel. Have a view. I go into detail about the process. Like, share, and subscribe.

And of course, you can get my book here:

Release day! Unplanned, but yeah, it’s here! Let’s get this rolling together, shall we?

Buy it here:

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Whoops! Paperback released early, first review for Murder Run, Fiverr results, Netgalley, man, a busy time for this author! Join in the fun!

Here’s my author copy, but guess who got another copy? My sister! Before December 1st!

Yeah, definitely my mistake, so guess what? I had to move my eBook release date to this Friday. Yeah, on October 2nd, 2020, Murder Run will be available in paperback and eBook! Haha! This self-publishing… man, quite an experience.

First review… wait for it… 5 stars! You can read it here, but beware, spoilers are contained within:

You can buy it here:

Watch my latest YouTube video for full details.

Catch it here:

Thanks for the support! Have a great week and be kind to everyone!

Murder Run is now Live on NetGalley! Want a free copy in exchange for an honest review? Click the link below, join NetGalley and let’s get the reviews rolling!

MSPE (My Self-Publishing Experiment), episode 2, will be available at 7:45pm. I talk about mistakes I made and strategies to implement. And Finn plays a starring role again…

What type of genre do you like to read? Comment down below or on YouTube.

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I’m Thinking of Ending Things… Please do, end this movie, after like, twenty minutes in…

As you can infer, not a fan of this film… advertised as a horror, but definitely NOT! A horror that is….

So, the trailer promised something entirely different than what the movie delivered. I don’t even know what to say… great directing, stellar acting, but the story? The cohesion? The logic? Nope. A dream within a dream within a dream within a wait, what?

Listen in here:

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Podcast:  Movies of the Damned!!

and here:

Movies of the Damned!! YouTube

And have you seen my other YouTube channel yet? My Self-Publishing Experiment? No? Well, here you go:

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And Here We Go Again!!!

Book reveal time! What do you think? It took me some time to figure out a compelling cover. I hope it draws you in.

Here is the synopsis:

Kyle didn’t like being told what to do. When his brother demanded that he get himself home right now, no stopping, no passing GO and no collecting two-hundred dollars, the order didn’t sit well with him. So, he stopped at a bar in an unknown town. He met a girl. They drank, left, did drugs together, and when he awoke in the morning, her decapitated head lay in his lap. As he pieces together what happened the night before, a police cruiser rolls in behind him. From that moment, the chase is on. What Kyle doesn’t know is that he isn’t the only killer in town.

You can get a copy of it now here:

Check out my YouTube channel for a gander at episode one and how I put all this together on My Self-Publishing Experiment.

Let’s do this together, shall we?

Tomorrow will be episode one of my Self-Publishing journey, and I cover a lot of material in it. In a concise manner… I hope.

Any-hoo, I have to say, although it has been a lot of work so far, it has been rewarding, you know? A lot of swearing and shaking my fists at the computer monitor too, but when I figure it out and it’s ready to go, I’m happy about it.

All of this, this writing, podcasting, and YouTube’ing thing is my hobby. I don’t depend on it for an income, so there is a lot of freedom in that. There isn’t the fear of ruinous failure because I may fail, but it won’t ruin me. I’ll still pay my mortgage and my bills. I’m lucky enough to know I’ll always be okay. Still, I like to do well.

In the horror writing world, I’m the little guy. Stephen King, Josh Malerman, Graham Masterton, Anne Rice, and the list goes on, and on, but those guys, those names? They are the big guys. And they’ve earned it and continue to earn it and I for one will always buy their books. But the little guys? They need some love too. And I search for them and read them and review them and plug them as best I can when I think they deserve it.

So if you’ve read my book, or books, and have enjoyed them, I hope you tell other people about them. That’s all it takes. A suggestion from a friend, a review on Goodreads or Amazon, in time, those small gestures go a long way.

Do something for the little guy… tell someone about them. And when I mean them, I also mean me… lol.

On EPISODE ONE, I do the following:

  1. Reveal my newest book!
  2. Show the process of my site upgrade.
  3. Cover the costs so far and…
  4. Reveal the review requests letter I sent out to reviewers.

Hope you join me.

As for now, enjoy the introduction to this experiment.

My Self-Publishing Experiment

My fourth book is ready for release. And this time, I’m going it alone. Well, not really, I want you all to come along with me.

I am going to show everything I do to market, promote and get reviews for my book in the pre-launch stage. I’m going to show what I bought (ads, equipment) and share the costs of it all with you.

It all begins this Wednesday.

I hope to see you there.

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Be kind to everyone.