48-year-old man versus a 50km Ultra Marathon (part of the new Lift, Run, Write and Review series)


On November 20th, 2022, there is a 50km trail run in Batawa, Ontario, titled, The Fat Ass Trail Run. Unusual name and an unusual time of year for an outdoor run considering Canada is known for its coldness and deep snow. But enough of that.

Full disclosure: I have completed a 50km Ultra before. It was a flat course at Niagara Falls. And although at the completion of it, I told my family they had permission to slap me in the face should I ever mention such an endeavour again, here I am, mentioning it, and yeah, I’ve signed up for it. And no slaps have been administered as of yet. I am doing another one because I felt I could have done better, and, truth be told, I am eyeing a 100km run in the future.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, for two reasons: to hold myself accountable for my training, and if anyone is thinking about competing in ultra and wants to know what goes into the training, they can follow along. If there is one thing I’ve figured out is that it is amazing what your body can do when your mind demands it.

So, my training will consist of six sessions a week. Three days will consist of strength training and the other three will consist of running. I’ll have a V02 max increase day (hill repeats), medium distance race pace runs day, and a long-distance run day to build a base. On the strength days, I’ll finish the workout with a fast 1.5 mile run.

It’s going to be part of my series. Lift, Run, Write and Review series. Every week, I’ll share my training with you ( you can follow me on Strava here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/70830819 ) and let you know how my latest book is going and review a film or book of horror I dug.

Right now, I weigh 174 pounds. I feel best between 168 and 171. That’s what I’ll try to maintain throughout my training. I’ll update my weight every week with each post. I’ll also share my diet and the self-experimenting I had done in the past and what I thought of each diet. For years I hovered between 195 and 200 pounds and just got sick of it, really, and started messing about with different fad diets. I had done paleo, keto, and carnivore and I’ll get into what I’ll be doing during my training.

Please follow along. Please comment. And of course, please share.

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