The gang’s all back! With a few extra thrown in for fun! Zombieland: Double Tap! Awwww Yeah!

MOTD Double Tap 89

A great cast and of course, more blood, more gore, more zombies, and just more, more more! Kyle was underwhelmed with this film. Me, like Goldilocks (don’t know why that reference is in here), I thought it was just right.

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2 Replies to “The gang’s all back! With a few extra thrown in for fun! Zombieland: Double Tap! Awwww Yeah!”

  1. John,
    This is the first time reading one of your books, Doll House, which was excellent and never knew I would enjoy reading such horror. Although I can admit I love true crime stories on Investigation Discovery! Believe me I was glad your story was not true!

    Yet I would like to discuss one thing with you that came up in the book a few times. That is if a person goes to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) traditional meeting they are not there at the meeting with family unless they are actually alcoholics! The family members would go to a different type meeting for example Alanon or Adult Children of Alcoholics!

    So if you write about that again that would be important detail because of the anonymity of all meetings.
    Thanks for a great read,

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