A crazy weekend! Book signing night! Off The Grid on NetGalley! Podcast milestone! And reviewing an actually terrifying found footage film, Hell House LLC!

Hello, excellent people! As some of you know, I had been promoting the hell out of my book signing event here in Guelph at the BookShelf. And I have to tell you, signings are nervous events. For me, it was like throwing a party and not being sure if anyone would show up. But people did. And it was great. I sold out of Doll House and The Tracker. Since Off The Grid was my newest book, I had the most copies of that book. Although that one didn’t sell out, it was close!

So, thank you, everyone! Thank you for every share and like on every post! 

And thanks to the Bookshelf for having me and setting up this awesome display!


For all you reviewers and bloggers out there!

Off the Grid is available for review on NetGalley! If you like fast-paced horror, I’d suggest you give it a shot!

Now on to Movies of the Damned!!

Earlier this week, we hit over 3, 100 downloads of our episodes. I have to refresh the screen a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right. Then I poked the screen (like that would help) and yup, the number stayed the same! Holy cow!

Thanks for listening! Thanks for telling your friends about us! 

Now. On to this week’s episode!

Hell House LLC!

Streaming on Shudder. If you like being scared, you need to watch this film!


Listen in. This was a good discussion on effective found-footage scare techniques. Enjoy!

Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!

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