From Dusk Til Dawn… Tarantino becomes a member of the undead!! Mu-ha-ha-ha!


I didn’t know what to think of this film. I was hoping for a lot from two highly-touted directors collaborating on a vampire film. I like vampires. I like Quentin. I like Robert.


Did I like all three components together? Listen and find out people!

Cool, free Halloween reads…

I have a Horror Shorts anthology available for free! If you download it, read it, and leave an honest review, before October 24th, 2019, you will be eligible to have your name appear in one of the short stories to be later republished.

So to recap, 1) download it for free, 2) leave a review, and 3) possibly become a character in a story. Cool?

Excellent. Here is the link:  4 Shots of Horror!

Here’s the cover:

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 8.52.58 AM

And come see me in Guelph here:


Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!

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