MFF Horror Special: Our 10 Favorite Horror Films Since 2010

Great list! Three movies on there I haven’t seen and will add them to my must-watch list… If you love horror, give this a read.

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When MFF contributor (and award winning director) Zachary Beckler and I put together lists of our favorite horror films of 2010s, then combined them to form a super list – we didn’t know what the results would be (listen to the podcast episode), because our tastes are so different. The end result is a fun mixture of mainstream, non-mainstream and incredibly non-mainstream horror. We definitely stretched the limits of the genre, and I think the list is better for it.

Before I get into our 10 favorite movies, here is 20-11. mother!, Berberian Sound Studio, The Guest, The Witch, Revenge, Insidious, The Cabin in the Woods, Ghost Stories, The Wailing and I Saw the Devil.

10. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The reason The Blackcoat’s Daughter is on this list is because of a single line (and very good filmmaking). There is a moment when young…

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