Between the Darkness. With Danielle Harris! That’s right!


When Kyle mentioned this movie, I was like oh, ok I guess. And then I asked him who was in it. He said, “Um, Danielle Harris? And a Lew Temple.”

Now, I think Lew is a great actor, but I didn’t hear Kyle say his name. My brain froze after he said Danielle Harris. Young Jamie Lloyd? Hatchet 2 and Hatchet 3? I know, I know. She has been in other movies, like the Rob Zombie Halloweens, and countless others but I actually saw Halloween 4 in the theaters and I remember thinking, this girl, she did a great job, and we’re going to see her again. 

And we did! Those Hatchet films, man, over the top fun. Needless to say, I was happy to watch this film. So yeah. Listen in. Join the convo. And if you’re in Guelph on October 25th, 2019, come and meet me. Details below.


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