We Are Going To Need A Bigger Boat! — More Horrors From The Sea

Those JAWS images, man, they still hold up. Poor Quint. If he hadn’t been such an Ahab, he might have survived.


5205topPied520f9aa8da28f054859cae7e086053e2--monster-mash-dvd                                                                        0 (5)monsterofpiedrasblancas_1jaws-originalJaws-1975-movies-32173499-1280-800Jaws-jaws-468736_700_467quintJawsQuintDeathjaws_still9bridemonster5bridemonster4     Cthulhu-hp-lovecraft-31770799-1280-8285b1d071c622d3bb26b6c26a80d80534e--sea-monsters-krakenA-Nightmare-on-Elm-Street-1984-insertCreature-from-the-Black-Lagoon (1)      creature-from-the-black-lagoon

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