The MFF Podcast #215: Our Favorite Horror Films of the 2010s

Great films… I still can’t watch Bone Tomahawk again. For that one scene… once was enough.

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The MFF podcast is back, and this week we’re discussing our favorite horror films of the 2010s. We brought in award-winning director Zachary Beckler, who wrote/directed the excellent film Interior, to help us come up with a list that is really legit. In this episode, you will hear us talk about Green Room, Climax, It Follows, Hereditary and Bone Tomahawk. We are 96.5% that will will 100% agree with this list. Enjoy!

Listen to hear where Green Room placed on our list.

If you are a fan of the podcast make sure to send in some random listener questions so we can do our best to not answer them correctly. We thank…

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4 Replies to “The MFF Podcast #215: Our Favorite Horror Films of the 2010s”

    1. We seem to have similar tastes in horror films. I saw on your podcast you guys discuss Big Trouble in Little China… I’ll be listening to that one. A friend and I have a horror movie podcast… Movies of the Damned!! We talked about UPGRADE too. Loved that film!

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