Witnesses… a pleasant surprise.

movies of the damned ep 52.png

One of the good people who made this film reached out to us to see if we would be interested in viewing their film in exchange for an honest review. As you can see, we said, “Sure!”

This can be dangerous. We have had some hits and misses when this happens. Listen in and we’ll tell you all the reasons why we think this one… well, this one was a hit.

Here is the description of the film:

Four college classmates are hunted by a ruthless drug cartel hitman when they inadvertently record a murder while shooting their student film.

Intriguing right? Did they pull off the presentation? Yeah. Yeah they did. This film is worth your time.

Listen here:

Podcast:  Movies of the Damned!!

YouTube it here:

Movies of the Damned!! YouTube

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Have a great week! Be kind to everyone!

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