Looking for the DIFFERENT in Horror…

On occasion, I try to find horror outside of the norm. I find myself GTS’ing (Google That S#*t) topics like best unknown horror films, or great horror novels you’ve never read. And I don’t confine searches like that to just horror but for the purposes of this blog, I’ll limit it to horror.

I found a video on YouTube. The channel was called CLEAR CRITIQUE. The video was titled 6 Horror Movies (that are Actually Scary). From that title, I was intrigued and so I watched the video. The list contained three horror movies I had seen and three that I haven’t seen. Not only haven’t I seen them, I never even heard of them.

On this list…ready? The ones I have seen…

IT FOLLOWS. Great film. Scary. Newer plot premise that was refreshing. Yes, new horror can be refreshing…

PSYCHO. Classic. Some truly creepy moments. Showers were never the same after this film.

THE WITCH. I really liked this film. Was it scary? Nope. Not to me. But it was interesting, dark and surprising, so, well worth the watch.

Now, the ones I haven’t seen…

REC. A 2007 Spanish horror film. Critics said it set the bar for found footage films. I need to see it. Have any of you seen this film? Is it as good as the hype?

MARTYRS. A French psychological horror film. This has been described as uber-violent with torture porn elements. Unless it is intrinsic to the plot, I’m not a huge fan of torture porn. I am one of the few horror fans who couldn’t stand Hostel. And I like Eli Roth. But I couldn’t stand Hostel. It was too much for me. So, I don’t know about this one. I might give it a shot. If I can find it that is.

PERFECT BLUE. This is a Japanese Anime horror film. Likened to a Glee type of horror because of the soundtrack and musical quality to it. I like animation, anime, in particular, can be beautiful, but it is a cartoon. Can a cartoon be scary? Disturbing…sure. Scary though?  I have my doubts. But I don’t have an opinion. I’d have to see it first.

Check out the video here:  Clear Critique

Any-hoo, let me know if you’ve seen any of these films and what you thought.

Have a good one. Be kind to each other.



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