Aliens, brutal cold, doppelgangers, murder, I must be talking about…THE THING!!!!

The Thing

Man, this movie…I don’t know what to say about it really other than that it is truly epic. This film was ahead of its time in relation to special effects. I mean, this was before CGI and all that and, in my opinion, the practical effects were incredible. They made you cringe, gasp, and widen your eyes with incredulity. Yeah. It’s that much fun.

Look at this!

Image result for images from john carpenters the thing

This is when one of the people stranded in frozen Antarctica dies and they try to resuscitate him with the handheld defibrillators and the man’s chest opens up, becomes those jagged teeth you see and bite the man’s arms off! I mean…what the heck! Creative, brutal and great jump-scare material. I love this film.

The boy suggested we watch this one so, he was invited on the show once again to give us his view. Listen in. Relax as we discuss a horror classic.

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Have a great day. Be kind to everyone.


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