Ex Machina. Let’s do this!

ex machina

This is one of my favorite films. Its scintillating dialogue leaves my brain burning every time I see it. Here. I’ll show you an example. Direct quote from the movie:

Caleb: Why did you give her sexuality? An AI doesn’t need a gender. She could have been a grey box.

Nathan: Actually I don’t think that’s true. Can you give an example of consciousness at any level, human or animal, that exists without a sexual dimension?

Caleb: They have sexuality as an evolutionary reproductive need.

Nathan: What imperative does a grey box have to interact with another grey box? Can consciousness exist without interaction?

See? How much information is there in this short engagement? Too much, really, and this is just one instance! Just one! So, cool, go watch it. It will engage your brain. Listen to us chat about the movie because, once again, we’ll engage your brain. And that’s just great fun.

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Thanks peeps! Have a great day and be kind to everyone!

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