Writing books is scary!

Writing books is scary. There…I said it. Phew! Why do you ask?

The why of it is this: you’re putting your work out there. It is no longer on your computer. You’re not showing it just to your close friends or family. You’re showing it to everyone and everyone, because of social media, has a voice. This is a good thing. But it is also a scary thing.

Now, my book The Tracker, was mentioned as a Top Ten of 2018, by Tony Jones of Horror Talk. My work was mentioned alongside Jonathon Mayberry, Graham Masterton, Robert McCammon, and others. Like wow! If you know horror, you know those authors so, double wow. This is awesome and humbling and just so, so cool. Here is the link:

Horror Talk: Tony’s top ten horror books of 2018!

I write horror. It’s what I like. It’s what I enjoy. So when someone who reads horror, and loves horror, enjoys my book enough to write about it and include it on a top ten list with those horror greats, I just don’t know what to say…except…thank you!!! And I hope to continue producing work worth mentioning, worth reading, and worth the time any reader chooses to invest in it.

Have an excellent day! Be kind to everyone.

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