Apostle on Netflix, third book almost ready, and the busiest time of the year…

This week, we discuss Apostle on Netflix. It was interesting but riddled with, you know what? Listen in and you’ll hear what I mean.

In other news, my third book is almost, finally, ready to be sent out. My last two books were picked up by Black Rose Writing, an awesome group of people, but this time, I will be seeking an agent for representation. My first two books did great so I am optimistic about my chances. We shall see.

It is that time of year when every weekend is filled with obligations, familial and otherwise, and trying to find time to squeeze in podcasting, running, writing and work will be very challenging. That being said, I do love this time of year. The lights, the family, the beer, ah yes, the beer. A most wonderful time of the year, indeed. Even the snow isn’t that annoying. It can look beautiful, painting the ground in a white coat of clean, and frosting the limbs of naked trees. After January, the snow can go away, but up until then, it’s nice.

Well, back to business. All you awesome people, please like and follow here:

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And if any of your friends and family like horror, and you’re wondering what to get them this holiday season, why not try my books? They’ve been well reviewed. Check them out here on Goodreads: Doll House and The Tracker.

Be kind to everyone. Have an exceptional day.


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