An Agent of the Beard

I have tried to grow a beard during the winter for the past five years, well, maybe more. I usually last a month before the itchiness drives me crazy. I’d shave it off and there would be a deep sense of relief. My bearded friends would tell me to just wait longer, the itching would go away and I thought, ‘Lies!’

Turns out…they were right. I stuck it out this year and the scratching, feeling like little gnats were running all over my face sensation, went away. And now, I walk around in the cold with a hair-scarf on my face. That’s what it is like, because my face is always warm, and I like warm. Warm is good.

Considering I can’t grow any hair on the top of my head (except for a few tiny wisps not even worthy of a comb-over) and I refuse to grow a skull-et (a ring of hair on the sides and back of my head) I am very happy with the full beard on my face. It is not patchy, or thin or scraggly looking. It’s a little grey in spots but hey, I’m at the age where a little grey is fine so, no biggie.

So now I am a proponent of the beard. My dad has had one all his life. I have only seen photos of him when he didn’t have a beard. I’ve never experienced a beardless dad. And now I know why he kept it. The beard is glorious. Only problem is, no one (except for my eldest son) in my family is a fan of the beard. Not beard haters, more like they prefer me without one. I’m keeping it! I’m looking into more beard care kits to make it smooth and glossy, a wonderful face-mane. If anyone of you have any suggestions on a kit, please let me know.

Shameless plug time:

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Have a great day. Be kind to everyone. Even people with beards.


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