Oh, the weather outside is…weather.

It’s that time of year when you get up for work, it’s dark out and when you leave work, it’s dark out. Ugh. But, it could be worse right? I could be living in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town, and when winter hits, I wouldn’t see the sun for 67 days! What!? I need my sun! In the summer though, they get 80 days of uninterrupted sunlight. That’s a lot of sun. Anyway, it sure sounds like a first world problem (which aren’t really problems when compared to the third world variety) and I should probably shut up about it.

Point being…it is a great time of year to dig a blanket burrow in your bed, curl up with a book and read something to raise the hairs on your arms. May I suggest something? May I plug my two books here? No, no, I won’t. But they are on the right. Under the Published Works banner, the two novels at the bottom, right there. They are both doing really well with reviews (both 4 stars and better). I do want to say I read the Stephen King short, Elevation. I enjoyed it a lot. Not a typical story. Not horror, but I would definitely say it was interesting and of course, well-written.

And…if you don’t feel like reading, listen to our podcast¬†MOVIES OF THE DAMNED!! We talk about horror movies and offer our opinion on if it was good or not, and what made it effective…or not. It’s good fun.

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Be kind to everyone!

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