Two for the price of…free, I guess.

A little while ago, a director named Jed Brian, reached out to us to review his film. It’s called Unlisted Owner and it is on Amazon. Click on it to check it out. So, after the disclaimer that me and Kyle are NOT industry professionals or trained critics and that we are really just two dudes who like to watch and dissect horror films, he sent us a copy and we watched it. We didn’t like it. We told Jed we didn’t like it. He wanted us to upload the discussion anyway. And you know what? I thought that was cool. Here’s a guy, making movies with little to no budget, trying to get his product out there, and doing the whole promotional thing on his own, still wanting us to upload what we thought of it, while knowing we didn’t like it, and I thought, good for him. He believes in his product. He believes in himself.

So…I think we dissected it fairly. Please let us know if you agree. But because we reviewed a movie we didn’t like, we thought we’d upload a movie we did like, to balance it out, you know? OVERLORD. In theatres now. GO SEE IT!

Here is awesome poster #1!:


And #2!:


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Oh, and did you hear? The Tracker made it to #1 in horror on Amazon when it was promoted on BookBub. So check out my books on the right. Doll House was also an Amazon bestseller.

Have a wonderful day. Be kind to everyone.

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