Halloween 2018, the movie, and real-life! Discussed on the podcast, played out on the streets! (Not really).


So, forty years ago, Laurie Strode was attacked by Michael Myers, an escaped patient from a psychiatric facility, and survived. Yup.

Then she spent the rest of her life, suffering from PTSD, and living isolated on a plot of land inside a house she turned into a fortress. She taught her daughter, a child, how to shoot, survive, and the fine art of paranoia. Laurie is divorced, twice, loses her daughter to child services, and drinks to get through her day. All of this is in preparation for the day she knows is coming: Michael Myers escaping from a psychiatric facility.  And, in order to even have a movie, she’s right! And what a movie!

Join us as we discuss Halloween 2018, the sequel that ignores all other sequels, on Movies of the Damed!! The podcast!

Halloween 2018

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Have a safe Halloween. Be kind to everyone, especially the kiddies out there.

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