Podcasts are…relaxing, and sometimes, food for the brain.

Is this a boost for our Movies of the Damned!! podcast? Yes and no. It is a yes in a roundabout way as, other than what I just wrote above, and the links I’ll insert below, I won’t be mentioning our podcast. I’ll be speaking about podcasts in general. I find them curious in the sense that they are a relatively new phenomenon that was created with the help of burgeoning technology. Anyone with a laptop was now able to start their own talk-show about something they are passionate about. And that’s great when you think about it.

People like to be heard. People like to listen. People like to learn, and podcasting can satisfy all three. You don’t need a big budget, you don’t need producers, and you don’t need some voice actor, or some celebrity to give you credibility. You just need a computer and an interest.

Before my friend and I started up our little show, we both listened to podcasts. I liked to listen to them on long and short drives because I was able to pick up right where I left off whenever I started my car. They kept me engaged and helped me learn about topics I was interested in. They fed my brain. I liked that concept. Passive learning when the body is engaged in monotonous chores is a bonus and makes the monotony not so grinding to the soul. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. If you like it, your brain will get involved, and you’ll learn. Who cares what it is, really. As long as you like it, it has value to you, and it is worth your time.

Kyle likes the Joe Rogan Experience. I like listening to The History of Rome, Science vs., and others along the same lines. Both us like different topics, but that doesn’t matter does it? Like I said before, anything that is not hurtful, and keeps the brain active is a good thing. So find your podcast. No matter what the topic, there is a podcast for it. And that’s cool because it shows how diverse people can be, but still use the same platform to reach out to people. You like knitting? Probably a podcast for it. Wanna know about global warming? There is definitely a podcast about it. Podcasts are free. It costs nothing to subscribe. It costs nothing to listen. So, give it a shot. You can gain a lot from it.

Here is the self-promotional stuff. Ready?

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Have a great day. Be kind to everyone.

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