Hey! You listening? Turns out, you are…so thanks!

The Movies of the Damned!! podcast seems to have found an audience. That’s cool. I thought, for the most part, family and friends would give it a listen and they did. So, thanks to them. I expected them to listen to one episode, the first, to see what we are about and once again, they did. What surprised me is that they listened to episode two, so, thanks again.

But what really surprised me was that people did contact us. They reached out to us through our Movies of the Damned email.  A listener even gave us a bit of history lesson on the origins of Art the Clown. I knew the history only I didn’t mention it in the podcast, and I should have, so thanks listener!

We are two episodes in and we have three recorded, kind of ready to go. Only kind of ready because I like to listen to them again before uploading them. I am sure what one I will be uploading this coming Monday, so stay tuned I’m-surprised-I-have-an-audience audience! It’s a different movie, one that maybe not a lot of people have seen, but it is a doozy!

I was going to upload on Sunday, but then I remembered, oh yeah, there’s that Marathon I’m running on Sunday and when I finish it, I plan on having a few beers with my legs encased in bags of ice and just, you know, relaxing. With that plan, Monday is the day I will be uploading.

If you have a minute, please follow us at:

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And it’d be really cool if you tuned into our podcast, give it a listen, and engage us through the social media or email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Movies of the Damned!! podcast is on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher.Please check out my published works on the right. DOLL HOUSE is an Amazon bestseller and my second book, THE TRACKER, is also available on Amazon in ebook, paperback and audiobook format.

Take care. Be kind to everyone, especially yourself.


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