My Marathon is next week…yeah.

Training for a marathon is a grind. There is nothing more to say about it. A rewarding grind, but one that tests you with every step on the long run day. I have one more long run to go before the big day. And it’s only a 12 miler. Not bad. And next week I have only a couple of maintenance runs. Light runs, not longer than forty minutes, followed by stretching and self-massage.

I should have known this earlier, but I will not make the Boston Marathon qualifying time for my age group. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I can only get better and with more training and technique building, I’m sure, one day, I’ll qualify for the Boston Marathon. And you know what? I may even get to the point where I’ll sign up to run an ultra-marathon. I am intrigued by them and I think they’d be a helluva fun race to run in. There is a 100km ultra race in Niagara. The course is flatter than most ultra trail races so a guy like me, a newbie, could potentially finish the race if enough time was spent training.

I am kind of nervous for this marathon. It is a long run and a multitude of things can go wrong on race day, but worrying about things I can’t control is as pointless as worrying about the weather, or water being wet because, well, I can’t change it no matter how much I wish I could. I’ll just do my best and have fun doing it. That’s all I can ask of myself, and I will deliver. In my mind, short of the race being canceled, I will cross the finish line. I can’t wait to cross the finish line!

Our podcast went well. The Movies of the Damned!! launch was pretty cool. Kind of weird hearing yourself on the radio, computer, whatever, on a podcast listed on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play. Surreal, you know? Like, do I sound like that? Really?

Our next episode will be uploaded soon and I will, of course, let you know because I can’t wait to hear from you. Movies are, well, awesome, and I really enjoy discussing why that is for each movie we watch. What worked, what didn’t work, and why did that happen and they made how much? Yeah, fun. So, join the talk.

Here are our links. Please, have a listen.

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Have a great day. Be kind to everyone.

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