Movies of the Damned! Mu-ha-ha-ha!

We did it! And, boy was it challenging, but worth it too because I’m having a great time doing it. I’m talking about Podcasting!

Just me and a fellow horror fan and friend discussing films we like and why we liked them in a (hopefully) intelligent manner. We talk mostly about horror films, but we are not restricting ourselves to just that genre. We’ll also discuss hugely influential movies that may not be horror related at all, not on the surface at least. And of course, we’ll take direction from our audience, too. If enough of them want us to discuss Disney’s FROZEN well, no, we won’t do that one, but say if they wanted us to talk about FIGHT CLUB or EX MACHINA, then, we will. So, join the talk. Get involved.

You can find us on Apple podcast, Google Play podcasts and very soon, Spotify podcast. We are MOVIES OF THE DAMNED! My son, Ethan, composed and recorded the intro music. It’s really good.

So, when posting the description of the episode, I called the movie THE TERRIFIER. It is just TERRIFIER. That was my error, and, sorry for that.

So, for the first episode, we discuss the under-the-radar horror film TERRIFIER. Here’s the poster:


And yeah, that’s my co-host, Kyle Grant. I’m pretty sure my mug will appear on the next episodic poster.

Social Media:

Movies of the Damned! Twitter

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Movies of the Damned! Facebook

Our actual podcast on iTunes:

Movies of the Damned EP1

If you listen on Spotify, search up Movies of the Damned under the podcast tab. It’s there.

If you use Stitcher, check it out here:

Movies of the Damned! EP1, Stitcher

More platforms to follow.

Like our page. Please follow us. I always follow back. And subscribe to our show.

Have a great day. Be kind to each other.


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