Taking the long way home…

I ran around a city today. Yeah. Well, not quite, but pretty close.

Today was a twenty mile run day. I knew it would be tough. A lesson I learned real quick is that running really far is really, really, tough. Like I’ve said before, I use MapMyRun to calculate my route. Generally, I go out for halfway, turn around, and come right back home. This time I decided to run in a big circle and after tweaking the route many times, I had it so I would leave my house, run twenty miles and end it at my front door.

A lot of times on the run, in the rain, I thought I was running a really long way to get home. I mean, I started from home and would end up right back there. It was almost like I didn’t leave at all. Except for the twenty miles in between, I guess.

But hey, I did it, and my feet are fine. For once, they are fine and I am one tired, sore, and happy runner. I think I am going to have a couple of adult drinks, kick my feet up, and fall asleep without realizing it. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Before I go: Podcasts! That’s right. My friend and I recorded two episodes. One of them was uploaded to Apple, Spotify and Google Play. Now we just wait for the podcast to be reviewed and accepted. Once it is, I’ll let you know. I have to say, I’m really excited about this. Talking about horror movies and other influential movies? Yes, please!

Have a great day everyone. Be kind to each other.

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