Do you even BookBub?

I didn’t. I wasn’t even aware of them until I got my first book published. So what is BookBub? Actually, it is pretty damn awesome for those avid readers out there.

It’s an email service that sends you daily emails about books that are on sale. Yeah. When you sign-up, for free, you click on the genres you like, as many as you want and just…wait. Every day, you’ll receive an email containing sales of books in the genre you personally chose. What in the world? Yeah.

I’ve gotten deals on new Stephen King books, old Stephen King books, Neil Gaiman, John Sandford, all big names and deals on smaller names, maybe authors you never heard about…like me.

My book DOLL HOUSE, will be featured on BookBub on September 25th to the 26th, for free! This will be the third time DOLL HOUSE has been featured on BookBub and I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty awesome. BookBub subscribers number in the millions so, yeah, pretty cool. Maybe one day I’ll see THE TRACKER on there as well.

So sign-up. It’s free. And you’ll get my book for free so, that’s cool. Here is the link:


Have a great day! Be kind to people and read, read, read.


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