Because…why not?

I’ve finished my third book. It’s called OFF THE GRID and in my humble, unbiased opinion, it’s awesome. I’ve done my editing thing and I am going to have a member of the grammar police rip it apart before I try to find it a home. In the meantime, what should I do?

Well, as some of you know, I am running in the Niagara Marathon and that takes up quite a bit of time, the training and the complaining. Me and a friend are working on starting a podcast discussing horror films and that also takes quite a bit of time. We got the microphones, I figured out how they work with the software so now we are going into the testing phase and I may even create the intro music. I taught myself guitar and the drums. I’m not great at either of them but I’m passable…I think. My oldest, who is great at the guitar, I may have to recruit to compose some intro music and outro music. He’s at university right now which means I’m going to have to wait until he is home before I can start my pestering campaign.

While all that is going on, and when I am not at work, I’m going to go through all my old short stories and revisit them. When I first started this blog, I was posting a serial story titled, BALANCE. It got great feedback so I thought to include that story (almost a novella) and then throw in some of my previously published short stories and ones that hadn’t been published and put them all in an eBook and release it through Amazon Kindle…because…why not? They’re not doing anything except taking up space on my computer. Might as well do something with them, right?

For each story, I’m going to include a sketch for a title page, one that I’ve drawn, like a snapshot of the story. I may throw a couple of my sketches up on this blog for your feedback so please, join in.

I’m going to sell it for dirt-cheap. I just want my stories out there and I am not too concerned about the money part. And for me, this is a fun project. So yeah, I’m going to be busy and I like it. I don’t know about you, but there are not a lot of shows I care to watch so I just don’t watch TV, which, since all my kids are now in school, gives me a good amount of free time. I like movies, books, and music. Wait, did I say like? I meant love. I love those things. And I’m going to invest my energy into them because when you love doing something, it’s not exactly work, is it?

I bet my wife would rather I spend the time on home improvement, but since she knows how hopeless I am in that regard, maybe not. Maybe she is pleased that I’m staying away from tools and drywall. She is much better at that stuff than I’ll ever be. And since I don’t have an interest in such things, that is more than OK with me.

I’ll write at you soon. Be kind to each other in the meantime.

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