My long run went well? Yeah, it kind of did…

Earlier this morning, I ran 14 miles. That is equivalent to 22.53 kms which is more than a half-marathon. For real, this time.

I figured out how to use my hydration backpack without it leaking all down my back, I had my electrolyte chews, and I even took the Fruit-to-go out of their individual packages and packed them in an easy to open zip-lock. I was ready to crush the run.

I even read more on the proper training method for the long runs. The purpose of the run is to get the body and muscles use to constant activity for an extended period of time. To do this, you need to run far and you need to run for a long time. Pretty simple, right? I knew this but as usual, I didn’t read the fine print.

On the long runs, you’re supposed to run slowly. Before today, I was running my four-mile running pace and keeping it up for over ten miles. No wonder my toes got blisters on them! No wonder my calves burned for two days after! Jeez…I’m making some real rookie mistakes here. But you know what? I am a rookie so it’s all good.

So the run, the long run in the hot sun, it went well. I had enough water, food, and electrolytes. My legs are sore and were a bit sore while I was running but I have no blisters this time and my calves are good. I’m liking the whole plan coming together type-thing going on here.

And you know what surprised me the most? The realization that this is the furthest I had run…ever. I completed a Half-Marathon race before but this distance is further. The total kilometers for some of the triathlons I did was further but this was all running. No swimming, no biking, just running. And I’m feeling pretty damn good about it.

Have an excellent weekend! More of my story will be posted soon. Please like, share and comment. And you know, read one of my books published by Black Rose Writing. They are the bottom two in the Published Works section on the right of the page.


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