Running is fun…sort of.

This week’s mileage: 22 miles.

On Monday, I ran four miles. On Tuesday, I ran four miles. Then my knees hurt. Not good.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the running plan I’m on tells me that these are cross-training days. Typically, I’d do the Crossfit workout of the day on Wednesday and on Thursday, I’d do the 100’s. The 100’s is a series of workouts where I have to complete one hundred reps before moving on to the next exercise. So, one hundred push-ups, then one hundred air-squats and…you get the idea.

On Friday, I was scheduled to run four miles and I was nervous about it. I was worried about my knees. I thought it might have something to do with my form or my new shoes. You know, the ones I was loving just last week? Still, if my knees were hurting because of one of the above reasons, the problem was at least correctable. I just needed to figure out which one was causing the problem.

On the Friday, I put on my old shoes and ran four miles. No problems. Knees were fine.

On Saturday, I ran ten miles in my new shoes, concentrating a lot on my form and no knee problems. I’m very happy about that. Once again, my form needs more work. I’m should get resigned to the fact that my form will continually be a work in progress.

The ten-mile run was fun. Exhausting but fun. Now, on Sunday, my calves are really, really sore. Still having fun though. And I know at some point, all of these aches won’t be so pronounced. My body will have adapted because that’s what bodies do.

Now I just need to nail down my long run nutrition. That’s what I like about running. The activity is not solely based upon running. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered to have a successful race day.

Nine weeks until my Marathon and so far, I’m on schedule.

Side note: I got a lot of good feedback for Itsy Bitsy Betty. I have a lot of short stories that I couldn’t find homes for. If you wonderful people are interested, I could continue to post them from time to time. Let me know. And if you like my work, please browse through my published works on the right. If you have questions, please ask. Have an excellent day!

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