2018 Maxy Awards, Podcast, busy month, exciting month.

It has been an interesting few days for me. The Tracker won an award and that was awesome. The Maxy award is an annual award dedicated to awarding only excellence for indie and self-published authors. My publisher, Black Rose Writing, entered me and to my surprise and happiness, I won. The award seal is now on all print and ebook copies sold. If you want to more about the Maxy award backstory, because it is heartwarming, you can read about it here: Maxy.

Then the fine people at Literary License Podcast invited me on their show to talk about Jaws the book, Jaws the movie and my two novels and part of the process I go through writing them. Click on the link to see more. It gets interesting and the hosts, Keith, Jon, and Vicki are very entertaining.

So…cool. It’s nice to be surprised by life. The good surprises anyways.

Well, I’m here and always available to engage in conversations so, leave a comment, contact me here or on Goodreads or Twitter.

Have a great day.


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