Lots of stuff going on…

2 thoughts on “Lots of stuff going on…”

  1. Glad to have you on the Psychological Thrillers BOTM this month! Do you realize that your book has a higher rating than Ibsen’s? No kidding! I have been having loads of fun with our reading group and constantly teasing Stephanie for a couple of years now. In case you don’t know, she’s the real deal–ex law enforcement. And she’s got stories to tell! I have been doing an “auxiliary” BOTM site of my own that parallels the GR site. I’ll be putting your stuff up there soon as I get a break with my gardening work here on my Montana ranch. The weather has totally changed here.It’s more of a ranchette than a ranch, but we don’t use that term here. Congratulations on your writing and publishing. I’m right behind you, soon as the garden work subsides or my knees give out!

    Jim in MT 😎


    1. Hey Jim,

      Sorry about the late reply here. I don’t check this site often enough. I am terrible at the whole social media aspect of writing and I really don’t see myself getting better anytime soon. Hope your gardening turned out well. Keep reading and writing and good luck.


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