Spawn of the Ripper!

How is everyone doing? Are you gazing at the pile of candy your children had accumulated in their night-time jaunts? Or are you tired from a night of costumed partying and are returning to life with the aid of Advil and copious amounts of fluids? I had been distracted for some time by the historic run of the Blue Jays to the post season and the preparations for Halloween. Great distractions to be sure and I am curious to see what will happen in the post season, especially since, to the dismay of many fans, that Alex Anthopoulos, general manager extraordinaire, is not returning to work his magic.

Halloween is an exciting time of year for me and I am instantly melancholy once the night has passed. It is the only time of year where my interests appear normal. I like to scare and be scared and be entertained by the ridiculous. If you’ve seen Tucker and Dale versus Evil then you will know what I mean by the ridiculous. This type of horror is very entertaining in the very fact that it makes fun of itself.

In the spirit of this, I would like to introduce a new anthology available for pre-order, and yes, one of my short stories is in it. The theme is based upon the old Hammer and Amicus Films when Christopher Lee terrorized and enthralled young maidens playing Dracula while being pursued by the wily Van Helsing played by Peter Cushing. During their first incarnation, Hammer films made over 163 films, 50 of them in the Horror genre. They are still around today but what I remember most about them is the dark forests, the creepy castles and the monsters lurking in the shadows. This is classic horror; sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes scary. When I first learned of the anthology, I was instantly inspired and did my research. I watched Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter, The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, and the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. Awesome titles that leave no confusion as to what you’re about to watch. A lot of fun and fiercely entertaining, I enjoyed every minute of it. I mean, Seven Golden Vampires? How do you beat that title?

Hammer Films is still around today, if you’re wondering. They filmed the Woman in Black with the dude who played Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe. Not a bad film.

So, you should check out this anthology. If you like highly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek horror, then this is perfect for you. Each story has an illustrated title page, reminiscent of movie posters from the seventies, so, you know, they’re excellent.

Here is the link. Check it out.!spawn-of-the-ripper/sv8ju

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