Social Media

I would like to think I am current. I would like to think I know everything there is to know about all the social media sites out there. I would like that…but, I don’t. I know of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and really, that’s about it. I’ve heard of Vines and Instagram and not too many more.

I can’t generate the interest in them. A big-Hey! Look at me! -to the world. Which could explain my lack of attention to the peripherals of writing. I am not a look at me type of person. Never have been. I am sometimes envious of those who are.

Make no mistake, social media is a peripheral of writing, of everything, really. It is free advertisement, for the most part. And who doesn’t like free? I like free. Free is great.

The strange part is I utilize it almost daily. I use Facebook and Twitter to find more writing contests to submit to. I have yet to find the use of LinkedIn. I know the fault in that is mine, otherwise, why would so many people use it?

And I do enjoy other people’s posts. There is humour and sadness. Updates about friends I am curious about. You can see children getting older and turning into the dreaded, sullen teenager. I have one of my own right now. Three more to go. Argh!

I like writing. When I can find time, it is very rewarding. Time is difficult to acquire with four kids and a full-time job. I finally finished writing a book. I’m in the process of editing it, which takes almost as long as it took to write it. I have to say, the book? It’s damn awesome. I am positive someone will pick it up to publish. That is not something I say easily. So when I do have the time, I’d rather escape into a world I created than plug in updates on social media.

But then I think about the publisher’s who decided to print my story. Once they accept it, does my obligation end? I would think not. I should plug and promote the product not only for my benefit, but for their’s as well. I should be diligent about it. Balancing on the edge of too much push and just right. Since my story is in the product they’re producing, isn’t our interests in its success mutual? Absolutely.

So, I am going to make a concerted effort to be more engaging using social media. It can be fun, so why the hell not? Just don’t expect a torrent of activity anytime soon. I think a consistent approach would be more appropriate. That way, you’re not surprised or annoyed with my content. That’s the plan anyways.

I know it will be great. I look forward to reading your comments and or suggestions. Other than saying-Hey! I know that person!-maybe one of you could tell me just what the hell LinkedIn is used for? Please? Anyone?

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