Why Horror?

4 thoughts on “Why Horror?”

  1. That Stephen King guy. That The Stand book he wrote. That got me. Still one of my all-time favourites. Then he went and put out It. I mean really. What was he thinking? I’ll never know. I never got past page 17. Had a nightmare that night. Sometimes you too John write things that make me want to cringe. Oh who am I kidding? I do cringe. It’s like you find all those “idiosyncracies” (yeah, let’s call them something low-key like that) that make my stomach curdle. If I were watching a movie, I’d be having a peek through my fingers at the screen. That’d be ok because I could hear enough to know when I could look up again. Reading though, that gets you. You’ve got to have some courage for horror. You’ve got to be willing to let the fears get right inside you. Twist your intestines. Ignite your vision. Wake you up. Hook you in. Then release you. Then hook you in again.


  2. oh come on you know I am hooked on horror, i am excited about this week starting AMC fear fest, and walking dead season 4, and i love horror books, u know me, Stephen king rocks , it makes my heart pound, and feel energized and rooting for the good guys even If i have seen the movie time and again and still hope for a new better ending, what else does that for me. anyways, horror rocks. People think I am weird for liking it, but I do not care,


  3. I am fascinated by horror stories while at the same time terrified and sleep with lights on for many a night afterward. Ask my husband your dad.

    I still remember the nights you slept at end of our bed John. I am amused how you remember your childhood days and the crowded home. When you were young parents let children watch horror movies and even let them play outside alone. I don’t know if times were really different or we were just lucky that our children were safe.

    As a child I came from family with open caskets in your own home and had many a scary night also. At 5 I lost my grandmother with open casket and the prayer beads loosened and her hands fell to her side as I knelt by casket. At 9 my cousin and friend drowned and she was buried in her confirmation dress and we children pressed on her skin while she was in her casket. At 10 my “boyfriend” died of a brain tumour. At 11 my grandfather was laid out in a wake at his home and my cousins told horror stories all night before his being buried At 13 a baby I babysat died at 18 months and her mother took her out of the casket and rocked her in her arms. Her mother died a year later. An infant only 3 months old at my neighbour’s house was the saddest thing I ever saw in a casket. It only took one person to carry the child out. My father died when I was 15 and the gravesite tribute of a flag was very emotional. And then at 20 my mom died and I was up here in Toronto but three knocks on my 10th floor bedroom window let me know she was gone. So I feel I am not so fascinated with horror but in my early years horror was fascinated with me.

    I became fascinated with horror writers early on like King. Stories that have characters who are vulnerable and beat the odds especially affect me maybe because my life has been that way.

    That is what I love about your writing. Your characters are so real. They come to life in the pages you create and I want them to beat the odds.

    Keep it up. Someday a lot of people will read your work and be cheering your characters on like I do.


  4. Thanks for sharing this story John. Its fascinating to hear how writing and horror fills your life with such joy. Sounds funny to write that but I understand. My sister was a HUGE horror movie fan and to this day will take Rob Zombie over any romance out there. She was full of ghost stories and Ouija boards…yikes.
    as I was was the younger sister I was forced to play along. I used nervous laugher as my defense and do still to this day.

    All that being said you could never rip a R.L. stine book out of my hands in my younger years. King of course and I had a strange fascination with true life serial killer stories.
    I do recall watching faces of death at newfie boyfriends very full house. Always with my eyes closed. But the one image that always stands out is the image of mike Myers popping out from behind a door. Don’t know what movie it was but boy that haunts me. Lol I still run up the stairs when the lights go out. Heart pounding and adrenaline rushing!


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