Hello everyone! I hope this post finds all of you well and not as sick as I feel.  My wife calls it the ‘man-cold’ and not to be treated with anything but knowing smiles and a rolling of the eyes.  I don’t know, I feel bad, have all the symptoms of a flu-like illness so I don’t think I’m exagerating my sickness. It is possible, though.

Any-who, I am writing this to get feedback on Balance and whether or not all of you that followed would like to read one more post.  Some of you feel it needs to be tidied up or that there is still so much more story to write.

I liked the ending. I am partial to leaving things up to the reader to decide, but there is also a part of me that likes things put away in their rightful spaces, cleaned up, if you will and maybe Balance needs one of those endings.  Please reply with a comment.  Just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ would suffice. If you’re feeling talkative, then by all means, write away.

If enough comments requesting it are sent my way then you will probably see a post the following Friday.  I will let you know over the weekend what the final tally is.

Also, I am sending Balance out to agents and publishers soon so will have to remove all the links to it on my site.  So, if you’re not caught up, do so as soon as you can.

Have great holidays!


5 Replies to “G’day!”

  1. Well…… You know my thoughts already. I really really loved this story. Is one post really enough? Are you gonna hurt one of my peeps? That would piss me off!! would really like to see this book as a series, you could just write a post , every two weeks or monthly that would be better than just stopping it all together for Gawd sake. There is so much to write about, the changes to the environment meeting other survivors…. Building new families etc Their adventures and experiences could be endless.
    I’m not happy it’s ending. Please think about posting at least once a month. Leave the ending as it is as they are all safe. Then just pick it up again after Xmas.


  2. I appreciate how strongly you feel about the story. It makes me think it made a connection with you. My only concern about continuing the saga is how long could I play the same old scene? Going to Tim’s, get into trouble on the way. Get to Tim’s, trouble is already there. I feel it is more powerful with the protagonist’s having to deal with life after the major event. The rebuilding aspect’s been done to death.
    I had considered Carrie getting people together and going back to free the others held captive by Lyle’s group, but I don’t know. I want to produce something different. If more people feel like you I will have to strongly consider continuing with it on a monthly basis. Weekly was too much with my other projects going on. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I loved how you ended it. I do agree with Kim that Balance is fabulous and that it is sad to see it end. That is the mark of a great story, no? I’m game for whatever you decide. I find you have been surprising me a lot with Balance.

  4. I like the ending…I liked that I could leave some of the story line to my imagination, but I still missed the weekly posts. AND I also think it could develop into a much longer story. For instance, a lot can happen when he meets up with his friend from the internet. This story was your best so far, in my humble opinion.

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