Introducing me…

Hello, good people.

My name is John Hunt. Welcome to John Hunt Fiction.

I write scary stories. And so far, it’s been going very well. My first book, Doll House, has been an Amazon bestseller. My second book, The Tracker, has been called a top ten Horror novel of 2018 by the good folks at Horror Talk. My novella, Balance has been receiving good reviews as well. My newest book, Off The Grid, is now available. And, last but not least, I wrote a book of short stories, 4 Shots of Horror. The reviews have been outstanding and I know you’ll enjoy all my work.

If you want to know more about all my published work, please visit my Amazon author page here: John Hunt’s Amazon author page. You’ll find all my books and the anthologies my short stories have appeared in over the years.

I co-host a podcast with my good friend, Kyle Grant. We discuss horror films. You can listen here:  Movies of the Damned!! or on YouTube here:  Movies of the Damned!! YouTube.

I don’t know if you’ve picked it up yet, but I love horror. I spend a lot of time watching movies and reading books of the horror genre. Saying that, my books cannot be described as one-dimensional. They are thrillers, mysteries, who-dun-its, comedies, and are filled with action and suspense. The window dressing just happens to be horror. And there is a lot of window dressing. Primarily, what I offer and what I deliver is an escape. I offer you a journey into the darkest and brightest parts of human nature. You’ll be scared. You’ll be horrified. You’ll check behind the doors and under the bed. You’ll read without blinking.

I invite you to join in the adventure from the safety of your home or vacation spot, with your feet up and the beverage of your choice by your side. Escape with me. Be warned. You may not sleep for a night or two…or three.

Sign up. There are no fees. There are no charges. Just some learning and I trust that in our exchanges, I will also learn from you. So, a win-win.

Have a great week. Be kind to everyone.


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